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Here’s an attempt to aggregate of all the talks, guest-blogs, and personal posts related to technology (in no particular order, updated once in a while).


Title Source
A gentle introduction to Reinforcement Learning
Get started developing IoT solutions by building a simple home automation system
Reinforcement Q-Learning from Scratch in Python with OpenAI Gym
Build an IoT system using an old smartphone and IBM Cloud
Scalablity challenges to the existing blockchain
Identifying bottlenecks and optimizing performance in a Python codebase
Merkle Trees: What they are and the problems they solve
Develop a blockchain application from scratch in Python
Distributed Machine Learning using PySpark
Machine learning at Scale
Automating your development workflow
Advanced scraping in Python
Python, Javascript and web automation!
Simplifying tasks with metaprogramming in Python
Do you really think you know strings in Python?
Python practices for Efficient code: Performance, Memory and Usablity
Can Python Make you fly?
Getting started with scraping in Python
Python versus Java: Attempt to compare two popular programming languages
Extracting and Visualizing Your Shopify Data
Video-course: Hands-on Reinforcement Learning with Tensorflow

The co-authored ones

Title Source
Top 10 IoT security challenges
Managing your IoT devices
Making sense of IoT data


Title Event Content
Your fist Open Source contribution at coala Pycon India 2017 Link
Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Applications, and beyond! IWD-Delhi 2018 Speaker Deck
Do you really think you know strings in Python? PyDelhi Speaker Deck
Developing a self-learning snake game in Python EuroPython 2017 Link Undelivered :(
GSoC, Open Source, and Python DTU Open Source Software Development SIG Slides and Resources
Distributed Machine Learning using Apache Spark (3 hrs) Pycon India 2019 Link

And of course, the giant What the f*ck Python!.

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