The PyCon Weekend

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Hey everyone! It’s been quite a while since my last post. A lot has happened till then, but this post is just gonna be about the amazing experience that I had at PyCon India 2017. I’ve been buying Pycon ticket since the last 2 years, and ending up transferring it to someone else due to my university exams. But this time, I somehow managed to attend it :tada:

Here’s what all I did,

  1. Lead the Dev sprint for “First Open Source Contribution at coala”. I was very excited about this. However due to some technical glitches, and non-functional internet at the spot, it didn’t go as well as expected. Anyways, we still managed to get a decent amount of newcomers onboard. And yeah, I got a chance to speak at PyCon. I also prepared a lightning talk for What the f**k Python?, but unfortunately my talk wasn’t picked in the lottery system. But anyways, I ended up partnering with @rj722 for the lightning talk about coala!

  2. Met with the awesome coalians (The coala contributors) There were 9 people from coala. We had a fabulous community dinner at a barbecque place (Thanks to @sils and @damngamerz for arranging it), spent time discussing a lot of things at the coalaBnb, organized open spaces, distributed a hell lot of coala swags, gave lightning talks. It seemed like Pycon turned into coalaCon.

  3. Didn’t attend even a single talk. Well, this may seem crazy. I did attend one by fellow coalian @rj722 about Dead code removal using Vulture, but that’s all I attended. Instead, I spent time preparing slides for the Lightning talk, organizing open spaces for coala, having lunch (:p), and just hanging around with coala people.

Well, that’s all I had to share for now. I hope the next PyCon event is going to be even more fun and learning.

^^ The coala gang!

PS: The past three months after GSoC have been like a roller coaster for me. I’ll soon be sharing a long blog post about them which you mayS find informative as well. Until then, Goodbye!