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Struggle to keep progressing

15 minute read

If there’s one thing that’s very universal across humans, it’s the desire to keep progressing. We want to keep getting better results. And I have the desire ...

Outperforming Warren Buffet

12 minute read

It was my third year of university (2017), and one of my friends told me about how it’s possible to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from some app. He ...


Parting off 2021

1 minute read

2021 was a weird year. It turned out to be an ordinary one for me; living in my home, doing the same work, no fancy career leaps, or competitive achievements...


The itch

7 minute read

I was out there in the water with the life jacket on. Our raft passed through two “rapids”, and now they allowed us to hang around in the chilling water and ...


Tech Archives

Here’s an attempt to aggregate of all the talks, guest-blogs, and personal posts related to technology (in no particular order, updated once in a while).


Experiments with technology

This page contains references to some of my old projects. You can find source code of my public projects on Github.

About time

7 minute read

2023 Update: I wrote this blog post when I left my first (and only) full-time job in 2019. I whined about the things I didn’t like about my job (of which the...


A small celebration?

5 minute read

2023 Update: I was very proud when I wrote this post, so much so I might have humble-bragged a little too much :p For a long time, I beleived my Python and W...

When you almost make it!

5 minute read

Hi, it’s Sunday night 2am (technically it’s Monday now) and I’m just done submitting my Mozfest 2018 proposal which was probably overdue since last month (we...

The digital debt!

3 minute read

Yes, the “digital” debt. Financial debt has something to with your money, this takes a toll on your time (which is even more scarce). It’s when you become “o...

Personal Archives

This is where I share references to some of my experiences/perspectives/rants about life.

That was it!

4 minute read

I slid my hand inside the window to hand over my documents & ID card (with 3 visibly faked signatures at the back-side, thanks to my friends) to the pers...

Long time, No see?

6 minute read

I received similar texts from 3 people last week. “What’s up? Kya chal rha h ajkal (What have I been doing these days)”. And since I had been mostly inactive...


The PyCon Weekend

1 minute read

Hey everyone! It’s been quite a while since my last post. A lot has happened till then, but this post is just gonna be about the amazing experience that I ha...

Boston, Chicago and MIT!

5 minute read

Couple of weeks ago, I went “all-in” on my GSoC stipend for the love of hackathons to attend HackMIT at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I was uncertai...

Google Summer Of Code Archive

As a part of Google Summer of Code program, I was supposed to write biweekly work updates, which kinda made by archives a bit of cluttered. So, one fine morn...

A fresh start with my little web-space

1 minute read

After mashing up 3-4 jekyll themes and doing few modifications over the past month, I ended up with the new design of my website ,shifted my blog from wordpr...


7 things I learnt from coala

1 minute read

So this New Year, I started seriously contributing to Open Source. After going through tons of organizations I shortlisted a few of 3-5 based on my interests...